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In the beginning, PRs come all the time.     Every time you put forth effort, you have an opportunity to PR.     Everything is new, exciting, and you frequently feel accomplished.     As the years press on, the PRs become fewer and farther between.  It takes more effort to hit a PR because you just aren’t passing milestones like you used to.     I beleive it’s easy to become desensitized to the frequency of PRs.  It’s easy to forget the feeling of accomplishment.   It’s easy to trivialize that “I just PR’d feeling”.     PRs aren’t just for the gym either.  They’re for life.   So .. this thing happened this week.   And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a physical set back to make that PR feeling come right back to you.   Earlier this week I got my first post-pregnancy PR.  It felt amazing.   There aren’t many things I’ve felt like I’m doing significantly well since I had Molly, so it was nice to celebrate this little achievement.     & we have to do that.  Celebrate the little achievements.  Celebrate the baby steps.   It’s okay to pat yourself on […]
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Month Two

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Man oh man.     Just like that it’s been 10 weeks with our girl Molly.      I’ll tell you, time is flying.  It seems like it was just July and we were having a baby and now it’s almost October!   I’ll say, month 2 was easier than month 1.   Molly is less temperamental and seems to be a little easier to please.   She’ll even sit in her swing for more than 5 minutes.      I love it when people ask if she’s sleeping through the night.  Um …. no.  We wake up at least twice if not more to eat.  The plus is she has figured out her days and nights and typically falls right back asleep after she eats.   However, the whole “once their 12 lbs they sleep through the night” rule is a joke.  We’re weighing in at 13 lbs and I don’t see us sleeping through the night anytime soon.     I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.  This shit is so incredibly hard.  The baby stuff is getting easier but that doesn’t make the relationship stuff any less challenging.  Anyone who thinks a baby “fixes” a relationship […]
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Commitment. Discipline. Focus. Determination. Grit.   To some people these words are just that; words.  They don’t hold any meaning and lack value.     To me these words mean so much more.     You see, commitment is a real thing.  When I decide I’m going to do something, I give it my all.  I stay focused on my goal and determined to accomplish what I set out to do.   I have grit & discipline.   Two weeks ago I said I was going to hit my macros every day – no matter what.  And guess what?  I haven’t cheated.  Not because I haven’t wanted to or because I haven’t been teased (my husband eats vanilla ice cream every night).  I haven’t cheated because I have grit.  I won’t let myself.   But nowadays we are in a society full of pansies.  A society full of people who lack drive, focus, and determination.  People who lack COMMITMENT & DETERMINATION.     When you sign up for something, you’re making a commitment to someone; whether it be yourself, your family, a business, etc.  You are acknowledging that you will stay focused and determined to reach your goals.  You won’t let […]
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This $hit is Hard

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They say there ain’t no hood like motherhood.  I’d have to agree.     This shit  is hard.  So very challenging.  Basically the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Ever.   You see, there is no rule book or set of guidelines.  Everyone had advice but every baby is different … so very different.  What worked for one baby is not guaranteed to work for another.     Molly has been a pretty challenging baby.  Most days I feel like I’m completely guessing, going from one attempt to another, basically shooting in the dark.  We’re figuring her out slowly but it has been a guessing game for sure.   I’m the type of person who is generally good at pretty much anything try.  Things have come easy for me these last 27 years.  This … this has not come easy.  I know I am doing the best job I can but it sure is hard to figure out what exactly she needs.  Every day it seems like something different upsets her & something new makes her happy.     && the lack of sleep.  That just makes LIFE challenging.  I don’t do well without sleep but I think I am slowly […]
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Month One

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Time sure does fly.   Little Miss Molly is one month old as of yesterday.  It’s crazy how fast the days go when you don’t sleep … ever.   But, in all seriousness, it’s been a whirlwind of a month.  Some things have changed a lot since she was born but other things have stayed quite the same.   I still cry, but not nearly as much.  And my tears are from exhaustion more so than anything else.  I’m not good at being tired.  I’m an 8 hour a day kind of girl so the collective 4 or 5 hours a night that I’m currently getting has me at a significant deficit.     I used to be super caffeine sensitive.  If I had it anytime in the afternoon I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. That is no longer a problem.  Now it is all the caffeine all the time just to try and stay awake.   You see, I went back to work when she was three weeks old.  She comes with me, and so does our nanny Briana, but I still gotta work 8+ hours a day most days.  No, my boss didn’t make me come […]
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What a day Monday was, and will forever be for my new family.   And to say it didn’t go as planned is a massive understatement.     You see, Sunday morning I woke up like any normal day, well normal for 40+6 weeks pregnant; uncomfortable and tired but nothing out of the ordinary.   I noticed I wasn’t feeling a lot of movement from Molly and became a little worried.  We set an appointment to see our midwife that afternoon.  Molly was fine and after being checked, my midwife determined I was 3cm dilated.     My midwife decided to strip my membranes and send me home with some castor oil, all with the intention of kickstarting labor – which it did.      I went into labor at 9pm and began tracking my contractions with Danny’s help.  We were ready to take on our homebirth with all of the techniques and strategies we’d learned in our Bradley Method Birthing Class.   At 11 pm my water broke and my contractions got closer together.  My midwife headed to our home around 12:30 and when she arrived she checked me to see how far along I was.  I had progressed […]
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To answer some FAQ for my dear family, friends, and support network – I know your questions are all well meaning but, honestly, I’m exhausted from repeating myself …. so here it goes: Yes, I am still pregnant.   Yes, I am overdue – I was due Monday, July 10.   No, I will not be induced because I’m having a Home birth.   Natural induction techniques will be used next week if necessary.    Yes, I’m aware a Home birth has “risks” …. so does a hospital birth and this is my journey and what my husband and I have chosen.   Yes, a Home birth means no drugs, no medicine, no epidural.  #allnatural Yes, I feel like I’m 40+ weeks pregnant so please just guess how I’m feeling.   Yes, I’m still working because I have work to do and can’t just sit at home.    No, I’m no longer working out because keeping my eyelids open is a good enough workout for me.    Yes, I sleep like shit and am thoroughly exhausted.    Yes, Molly is totally fine and content on the inside for now.    No, when I do go into labor, you will not know. […]
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I’ve been saying it for a while now.      Your THOUGHTS will become your THINGS.     I know people don’t always believe me, and that’s alright, but today I am here to prove to you just how powerful your thoughts are.   Every year, Ocala Magazine, a local publication here in Ocala, Florida does a contest for the top 40 professionals under 40 years old called the 40 Under 40.   I decided that this year I wanted to be nominated.   Nominations occur during the month of February every year so on February 1st I began writing “I’m in the 40 under 40 in 2017” 15 times every day.  As I reflect back in my journal, I actually only wrote this statement for just 15 days – not even the entire month.     The power of writing this message and manifesting it into my life did not go unnoticed by the universe.     I was in fact nominated as one of the top 40 individuals in Ocala under the age of 40 for 2017 by our community and my peers and this month the publication was released.   You see, I told the universe what was […]
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9 Days Out

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Every day all day I am asked, how am I feeling?   I’m feeling like I’m due in 9 days.     I’m feeling lots of pressure and am majorly uncomfortable.   I’m feeling exhausted even though I’m “getting enough sleep”.   I’m feeling mildly stressed because I’m going to have to miss work for at least a little bit.   I’m feeling anxious because I’m going to be birthing a human any day now, without meds, in my home, and essentially unassisted.   But …   I’m also feeling incredibly blessed.   Blessed to have made it this far in my pregnancy without any hiccups.   Blessed to know that I have an phenomenal support system surrounding me.     Blessed to feel my baby move daily and know that she is healthy.   && Beyond blessed that my baby will be here any day now!   Thanks for all your love and support as we head into these last few days!
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I’m due one month from today.  One month.  30 days.   Oh my goodness.     && baby girl could even come before that – kind of a scary / amazing / beautiful thought.   Are we ready?   Well technically speaking, yes.   We have all the essentials.  We’ve bought everything we need for our home birth and we’re “prepared”.   Physically, yes.  I’m so ready to have my body back.  To be able to touch my toes and take a deep breath.  To be able to workout with intensity again and entertain the idea of moving at any sense of speed.     Emotionally, well I’m just not sure.  How can you prepare for the emotional rush that is bringing a human into this crazy beautiful world?  I just don’t know how I will be prepared emotionally for that.   And then I have these moments where I think, “Am I ready?”.  Can I do this?   But, then I remember.   I remember that all it takes is lots of love, a great support system, and the assurance that I’ve never been given any task that I couldn’t handle.     So, you know what?     Bring […]
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