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by ironborn· April 27, 2018· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
It’s been a week.  7 days. 168 hours.  10,080 minutes. It’s been a week.   One week ago today I had my scariest day in education to date.  I saw students go through a mirage of emotions, similar to myself.   Now, was I directly affected.     Yes & no.     I am not employed at Forest High School, but I do work at the feeder Middle School, Fort King.  I teach students whose’ siblings were directly impacted. I work with people whose children were in the classroom affected.  I’m friends with officers and first responders who were a part of the recovery efforts. I went through Code Yellow and Red throughout the day as news came in across the district of other potential threats.  I locked down my room, sat in silence with my students, and thought about all the potential things that could happen.   I believe we were all affected that day, in some shape or form.  Some greater some less. Some directly and others indirectly.   Will those students ever forget their classroom being cleared by armed SWAT team members?  Will they ever forget the sound of a gun shot in the hall? Will […]
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