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There are these moments in life where things change. Sometimes forever and sometimes it’s just temporary. But change occurs because of a transition on our path in life. Marriage, birth of a child, death of a relative, terminated from your job; all events that lead to a transition. In the last 3 years I’ve experienced a hella lot of transitions. I was married, left my career in education, took a role in the fitness industry, and birthed a beautiful baby girl who made me a mom. Sometimes transitions happen to you and other times you decide that it’s time for a transition. I’ve spent almost 3 years working in the fitness industry. I’ve devoted countless hours to growing a gym that I love dearly. We even decided to branch off our boot camp program and take over the state. The growth had been incredibly, the journey trying, and the outcome rewarding. 7 months (and change) ago, I gave birth to a beautiful human being. She babbles, loves water, and knows who I am. I am her mother. Many a day goes by though where I see her for just an hour or so in the morning. 2-3 times a week […]
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