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by ironborn· October 18, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
8 weeks ago I set some goals.     I hung up some clothes.     I got dunked with the Body Fat Truck.   I set my eyes on my pre-baby bod.     Before I go any further, no, I’m not there yet.   But I AM getting closer.     Over the last 8 weeks I did a few things.  I worked out 4-5 days a week.  I participated in our barbell club 2-3 times a week.   I hit my macros 80% of the time.  I drank a ton of caffeine &&& I hustled my ass off.     And in 8 weeks I was able to put on 4.5 lbs of lean muscle mass & drop 3% body fat landing me at 21.4% as of a week ago.     I also slipped on my favorite pair of jeans today and they fit – comfortably.      No, my abs aren’t showing yet.     Yes, I still have cellulite & a lose stomach.     But   I’m moving in the right direction.   And I’m moving that way because I set goals, look at them daily, and crush them.      I could make any excuse […]
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by ironborn· October 06, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
In the beginning, PRs come all the time.     Every time you put forth effort, you have an opportunity to PR.     Everything is new, exciting, and you frequently feel accomplished.     As the years press on, the PRs become fewer and farther between.  It takes more effort to hit a PR because you just aren’t passing milestones like you used to.     I beleive it’s easy to become desensitized to the frequency of PRs.  It’s easy to forget the feeling of accomplishment.   It’s easy to trivialize that “I just PR’d feeling”.     PRs aren’t just for the gym either.  They’re for life.   So .. this thing happened this week.   And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a physical set back to make that PR feeling come right back to you.   Earlier this week I got my first post-pregnancy PR.  It felt amazing.   There aren’t many things I’ve felt like I’m doing significantly well since I had Molly, so it was nice to celebrate this little achievement.     & we have to do that.  Celebrate the little achievements.  Celebrate the baby steps.   It’s okay to pat yourself on […]
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