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This $hit is Hard

by ironborn· August 22, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
They say there ain’t no hood like motherhood.  I’d have to agree.     This shit  is hard.  So very challenging.  Basically the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Ever.   You see, there is no rule book or set of guidelines.  Everyone had advice but every baby is different … so very different.  What worked for one baby is not guaranteed to work for another.     Molly has been a pretty challenging baby.  Most days I feel like I’m completely guessing, going from one attempt to another, basically shooting in the dark.  We’re figuring her out slowly but it has been a guessing game for sure.   I’m the type of person who is generally good at pretty much anything try.  Things have come easy for me these last 27 years.  This … this has not come easy.  I know I am doing the best job I can but it sure is hard to figure out what exactly she needs.  Every day it seems like something different upsets her & something new makes her happy.     && the lack of sleep.  That just makes LIFE challenging.  I don’t do well without sleep but I think I am slowly […]
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Month One

by ironborn· August 18, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Time sure does fly.   Little Miss Molly is one month old as of yesterday.  It’s crazy how fast the days go when you don’t sleep … ever.   But, in all seriousness, it’s been a whirlwind of a month.  Some things have changed a lot since she was born but other things have stayed quite the same.   I still cry, but not nearly as much.  And my tears are from exhaustion more so than anything else.  I’m not good at being tired.  I’m an 8 hour a day kind of girl so the collective 4 or 5 hours a night that I’m currently getting has me at a significant deficit.     I used to be super caffeine sensitive.  If I had it anytime in the afternoon I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. That is no longer a problem.  Now it is all the caffeine all the time just to try and stay awake.   You see, I went back to work when she was three weeks old.  She comes with me, and so does our nanny Briana, but I still gotta work 8+ hours a day most days.  No, my boss didn’t make me come […]
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