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9 Days Out

by ironborn· June 30, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Every day all day I am asked, how am I feeling?   I’m feeling like I’m due in 9 days.     I’m feeling lots of pressure and am majorly uncomfortable.   I’m feeling exhausted even though I’m “getting enough sleep”.   I’m feeling mildly stressed because I’m going to have to miss work for at least a little bit.   I’m feeling anxious because I’m going to be birthing a human any day now, without meds, in my home, and essentially unassisted.   But …   I’m also feeling incredibly blessed.   Blessed to have made it this far in my pregnancy without any hiccups.   Blessed to know that I have an phenomenal support system surrounding me.     Blessed to feel my baby move daily and know that she is healthy.   && Beyond blessed that my baby will be here any day now!   Thanks for all your love and support as we head into these last few days!
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by ironborn· June 10, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
I’m due one month from today.  One month.  30 days.   Oh my goodness.     && baby girl could even come before that – kind of a scary / amazing / beautiful thought.   Are we ready?   Well technically speaking, yes.   We have all the essentials.  We’ve bought everything we need for our home birth and we’re “prepared”.   Physically, yes.  I’m so ready to have my body back.  To be able to touch my toes and take a deep breath.  To be able to workout with intensity again and entertain the idea of moving at any sense of speed.     Emotionally, well I’m just not sure.  How can you prepare for the emotional rush that is bringing a human into this crazy beautiful world?  I just don’t know how I will be prepared emotionally for that.   And then I have these moments where I think, “Am I ready?”.  Can I do this?   But, then I remember.   I remember that all it takes is lots of love, a great support system, and the assurance that I’ve never been given any task that I couldn’t handle.     So, you know what?     Bring […]
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This time last week I had a full fledged meltdown.     Like, not whoa is me, sniffle sniffle, but full on meltdown.     My “plan” was falling apart in front of my eyes.       You see, I’m a planner.   I plan everything.   I’m always prepared, never late, and 100% of the time have an idea of how to conquer all.     But not last Friday.   Oh no.   My plan felt apart in a matter of seconds.      Something major I’d been working on since October when I discovered I was pregnant (aka – who’s going to take over my work responsibilities AND who’s going to watch my kid full time) was quickly crushed by a change of plans.      But guess what?  Plans change.   People move.  Shit happens.      It just so happens this past weekend I was also headed to the beach for a few day getaway with my hubby which couldn’t have come at a better time.      I needed a few days to have a meltdown.   To feel pity for myself.   And to bask in the shittyness of the situation.      But I also needed a few days […]
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