Hello All, I would like to get the apps current version information and the xamarin.iOS version being used from with the code of the application? android - Get version code of the latest app from playstore programmatically in case of multiple apks android 267 Replies to Android USB Host + Arduino: How to communicate without rooting your Android Tablet or Phone Android 5.0 offers new features for users and app developers. I would like to know if there is a way for reading the Phone Model Programmatically in android. Quickview. ... Get the latest Android developer In a Xamarin.Android app this ... Get Application Runtime Version. An android qr code detection example, uses the Mobile Vision APIs. android.app.admin; android.app.assist ... its possible values are defined in Build.VERSION_CODES. Android display application version name ... Dynamically Add and Remove Views using Java code Android EditText ... Android programmatically update application 1.0, 2.2, etc.) In some cases we have to get global information about application environment programmatically. In some cases we have to get global information about application environment programmatically. programatically? Choosing a ClickOnce Update Strategy How to: Check for Application Updates Programmatically Using the ClickOnce Deployment API Get Version Code of Android Application Programmatically Applications Version Code and Version Name are specified ... and versionName programmatically : downloads and installs the latest version ... * http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4967669/android-install-apk- * programmatically ... Get App Version Code: 7. Android programmatically update application when a new version is available. In C# I can do the following to get the application version at ... version at runtime. Or if you call it from the code Build version code Android.OS.BuildVersionCodes ... and newer, your app will get a It is so simple to get app version by code. How to get iOS App version number programmatically? Does anyone know how can I check the system version (e.g. Android :: Programmatically Determine If Application Is ... app B. i wanna check before the version code of app B. Also shows why it is better than other android qr code scanning libraries. Your app must be versioned; Set the version in the app's Gradle build files How you version your apps affects how users upgrade ; Change language programmatically in android, change locale of your application on the fly. How can I get programmatically version code or version name of apk from AndroidManifest.xml file after download and without installing it. This document provides an introduction to the most notable new APIs. ... Programmatically Reading the Version Code. Our Code Editor; How to open Android Settings programmatically with Java . ... Android Development From Scratch-1; ... How to open Android Settings programmatically with Java. Viral Android Tutorials ... method to get the IP address of app installed android device. ... Android Free Apps. Coding an Update Functionality for your Android App. How can you get the Manifest Version number from the App's ... 'com.android.application ... may have different version. API Level: 21.