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PRs for Pulse

by ironborn· June 21, 2016· in Uncategorized· 1 comments tags: featured
This past Saturday I attended Prs for Pulse, a charity event to benefit the families and victims of the Orlando shooting. The competition took place at South Orlando CrossFit, the closest gym to Pulse night club, the location of the shooting. My friend Casey and I drove down on Saturday morning for the one day, one workout, team event. Man, I must say, the CrossFit community never ceases to amaze me. In a matter of four days, the individuals at South Orlando CrossFit and One EW at Kingspoint put together a pretty killer event. It was extremely well organized, ran on time, and had an amazing environment. To top it off, the workout was a good grinder, perfect for teams of three, and the meaning behind it was well thought out.
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