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For The Moms

by ironborn· May 13, 2018· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Somewhere along the way, through this journey called life, we begin to believe that we need to be a mom.  Whether it is an intrinsic feeling or the pressure from society, somehow, someway we get this pull at our motherly instincts, or lack thereof.   Some people are meant to be moms.  They were born to raise kids,wipe noses, and breastfeed for years.  Others, it is more of a learned behavior. You pick it up as you go, taking tips and tricks when you can from those super moms that you hopefully surround yourself with.  And then there are some of us that just aren’t meant to be moms. Don’t want to, aren’t interested, and really have no drive to create a tiny human.   I would say that I am the middle kind of mom.  I have had some great role models in my life and I continue to surround myself with kick ass moms to learn and grow from.  But, being a mom is hard. I don’t wake up every day ready to change shitty diapers, wipe noses, and hang out with a human who can’t talk to me.     Now, don’t get me wrong, I love […]
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by ironborn· April 27, 2018· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
It’s been a week.  7 days. 168 hours.  10,080 minutes. It’s been a week.   One week ago today I had my scariest day in education to date.  I saw students go through a mirage of emotions, similar to myself.   Now, was I directly affected.     Yes & no.     I am not employed at Forest High School, but I do work at the feeder Middle School, Fort King.  I teach students whose’ siblings were directly impacted. I work with people whose children were in the classroom affected.  I’m friends with officers and first responders who were a part of the recovery efforts. I went through Code Yellow and Red throughout the day as news came in across the district of other potential threats.  I locked down my room, sat in silence with my students, and thought about all the potential things that could happen.   I believe we were all affected that day, in some shape or form.  Some greater some less. Some directly and others indirectly.   Will those students ever forget their classroom being cleared by armed SWAT team members?  Will they ever forget the sound of a gun shot in the hall? Will […]
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There are these moments in life where things change. Sometimes forever and sometimes it’s just temporary. But change occurs because of a transition on our path in life. Marriage, birth of a child, death of a relative, terminated from your job; all events that lead to a transition. In the last 3 years I’ve experienced a hella lot of transitions. I was married, left my career in education, took a role in the fitness industry, and birthed a beautiful baby girl who made me a mom. Sometimes transitions happen to you and other times you decide that it’s time for a transition. I’ve spent almost 3 years working in the fitness industry. I’ve devoted countless hours to growing a gym that I love dearly. We even decided to branch off our boot camp program and take over the state. The growth had been incredibly, the journey trying, and the outcome rewarding. 7 months (and change) ago, I gave birth to a beautiful human being. She babbles, loves water, and knows who I am. I am her mother. Many a day goes by though where I see her for just an hour or so in the morning. 2-3 times a week […]
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Year 27

by ironborn· February 01, 2018· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Year 27 was a record year.   I mean, I had a freaking kid, right?   Nothing hails in comparison.     But really, what year 27 taught me was, well, a lot.     I learned that balance is f’ing hard.  How do you find time to be a good wife, a hard working employee, and a great mom all in the same day?  I’m still trying to figure that one out but here’s my take so far.     What I’ve learned is that the one role that has to slack first is the employee.  And that’s hard as hell for me to say.   I literally have given everything to my job.   Everything.  All the hours.  All the tears.  Because I believe in what I do.     But what I’m learning, over time, is there are moments I won’t get back.  The days fly by.  They turn into weeks, and then into months.   And then, all of a sudden, the little tiny human I gave birth to is almost crawling.     Oh, and real talk, and I had to take my happy, sassy ass to therapy this year so my husband didn’t leave me (he comes […]
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Coach.     Google defines coach as an athletic instructor or trainer or a tutor who gives private or specialized teaching.     Coaches come in all shapes and sizes.  In all fields and professions.  And are in all aspects of your life.     I consider myself a coach of a few things.     First, I’m a fitness coach to my athletes that I train both in a group setting and in a personal training session.   Second, I’m a motivational coach.  I believe people find motivation in what I do and how I approach aspects of my life.     Finally, I’m establishing myself as a business coach to gym owners who are looking to grow their gyms.     And I have my own coaches too.   Ted Dreaver is not only my athletic coach but also a business mentor.  And John Burch has coached me through business for the last 2.5 years.     But you know what?  I really still need a coach for life.     And that doesn’t have to be one person’s role.  In fact, I prefer to have a team of coaches.  People to tell me to hit my macros, […]
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Give Thanks

by ironborn· November 23, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Thanksgiving.   A day to give thanks with intent. To focus on what we are truly thankful for, how good we really have it, and to verbalize just how thankful we are to those around us.   On this Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for.   I have a beautiful, healthy baby full of laughter, joy, and love. She’s a special kind of perfect that has made me evolve and adapt to meet her ever changing needs.   I have a husband who provides for our family and works day in and day out to make sure we have everything we need and more.   I have a career that has allowed me to grow as a person so very much. I get to touch people’s lives regularly and the growth that is forthcoming for Iron Legion and Florida’s Best Boot Camp is crazy, scary, and exciting all at the same time.   I have family that will die for me. My mother is always there to help me learn how to be a better mom. She watches Molly while I take a few hours to be “me” in the gym. My mother in law spends two […]
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by ironborn· October 18, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
8 weeks ago I set some goals.     I hung up some clothes.     I got dunked with the Body Fat Truck.   I set my eyes on my pre-baby bod.     Before I go any further, no, I’m not there yet.   But I AM getting closer.     Over the last 8 weeks I did a few things.  I worked out 4-5 days a week.  I participated in our barbell club 2-3 times a week.   I hit my macros 80% of the time.  I drank a ton of caffeine &&& I hustled my ass off.     And in 8 weeks I was able to put on 4.5 lbs of lean muscle mass & drop 3% body fat landing me at 21.4% as of a week ago.     I also slipped on my favorite pair of jeans today and they fit – comfortably.      No, my abs aren’t showing yet.     Yes, I still have cellulite & a lose stomach.     But   I’m moving in the right direction.   And I’m moving that way because I set goals, look at them daily, and crush them.      I could make any excuse […]
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by ironborn· October 06, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
In the beginning, PRs come all the time.     Every time you put forth effort, you have an opportunity to PR.     Everything is new, exciting, and you frequently feel accomplished.     As the years press on, the PRs become fewer and farther between.  It takes more effort to hit a PR because you just aren’t passing milestones like you used to.     I beleive it’s easy to become desensitized to the frequency of PRs.  It’s easy to forget the feeling of accomplishment.   It’s easy to trivialize that “I just PR’d feeling”.     PRs aren’t just for the gym either.  They’re for life.   So .. this thing happened this week.   And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a physical set back to make that PR feeling come right back to you.   Earlier this week I got my first post-pregnancy PR.  It felt amazing.   There aren’t many things I’ve felt like I’m doing significantly well since I had Molly, so it was nice to celebrate this little achievement.     & we have to do that.  Celebrate the little achievements.  Celebrate the baby steps.   It’s okay to pat yourself on […]
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Month Two

by ironborn· September 27, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Man oh man.     Just like that it’s been 10 weeks with our girl Molly.      I’ll tell you, time is flying.  It seems like it was just July and we were having a baby and now it’s almost October!   I’ll say, month 2 was easier than month 1.   Molly is less temperamental and seems to be a little easier to please.   She’ll even sit in her swing for more than 5 minutes.      I love it when people ask if she’s sleeping through the night.  Um …. no.  We wake up at least twice if not more to eat.  The plus is she has figured out her days and nights and typically falls right back asleep after she eats.   However, the whole “once their 12 lbs they sleep through the night” rule is a joke.  We’re weighing in at 13 lbs and I don’t see us sleeping through the night anytime soon.     I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.  This shit is so incredibly hard.  The baby stuff is getting easier but that doesn’t make the relationship stuff any less challenging.  Anyone who thinks a baby “fixes” a relationship […]
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by ironborn· September 01, 2017· in Uncategorized· 0 comments
Commitment. Discipline. Focus. Determination. Grit.   To some people these words are just that; words.  They don’t hold any meaning and lack value.     To me these words mean so much more.     You see, commitment is a real thing.  When I decide I’m going to do something, I give it my all.  I stay focused on my goal and determined to accomplish what I set out to do.   I have grit & discipline.   Two weeks ago I said I was going to hit my macros every day – no matter what.  And guess what?  I haven’t cheated.  Not because I haven’t wanted to or because I haven’t been teased (my husband eats vanilla ice cream every night).  I haven’t cheated because I have grit.  I won’t let myself.   But nowadays we are in a society full of pansies.  A society full of people who lack drive, focus, and determination.  People who lack COMMITMENT & DETERMINATION.     When you sign up for something, you’re making a commitment to someone; whether it be yourself, your family, a business, etc.  You are acknowledging that you will stay focused and determined to reach your goals.  You won’t let […]
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