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Everyone Needs A Coach

ironborn · January 25, 2018 · Uncategorized · 0 comments



Google defines coach as an athletic instructor or trainer or a tutor who gives private or specialized teaching.  


Coaches come in all shapes and sizes.  In all fields and professions.  And are in all aspects of your life.  


I consider myself a coach of a few things.  


First, I’m a fitness coach to my athletes that I train both in a group setting and in a personal training session.


Second, I’m a motivational coach.  I believe people find motivation in what I do and how I approach aspects of my life.  


Finally, I’m establishing myself as a business coach to gym owners who are looking to grow their gyms.  


And I have my own coaches too.


Ted Dreaver is not only my athletic coach but also a business mentor.  And John Burch has coached me through business for the last 2.5 years.  


But you know what?  I really still need a coach for life.  


And that doesn’t have to be one person’s role.  In fact, I prefer to have a team of coaches.  People to tell me to hit my macros, to take off a day of work and hangout with my kid, to go on a date with my husband, to make sure I do the laundry, and to remind me to write my blog every week and write my goals daily.  


My team is there to keep me accountable.  I can’t do it on my own.  I’m no better than anyone else.  I know that my life may seem put together, sometimes, from the outside looking in, but I’m no different than you.  


I need a coach.

You need a coach.

We all need a coach.  


Oh, and by the way, coaches cost.  Maybe a lot, maybe a little.  Maybe money.  Maybe time.  Maybe love.  Maybe reciprocation.  But they cost.  


So don’t ever, for one single second, discredit the value a coach has.  Because their time, their intellect, and their wealth of knowledge hold a value that can never be replicated.  


PS – Here’s a quick check-in about my kick ass kid.  She’s a rockstar.  We practice saying mama and dada daily.  She’s sleeping SO MUCH BETTER.  She loves to play, eat, and sleep.  She is so interactive and loves to spend time with her dad.  I can’t believe that 6 months has flown by so quickly.  She’ll be 1 before I know it.


So, in closing, what I know for sure is I don’t want to take any second for granted, I want to value every lesson I am taught, and I want to maximize EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE in my life!


Keep rocking it rock stars and if you need a COACH, I’m right here!

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